Italy – Tiramisu

Italia! Oh I’ve been excited about this one for a while. Italy is one of my most visited EU countries, and I adore it. As an art history student I fell in love with Italy through studying the Renaissance, and then kept going back for the food and the wine, and most importantly, the gelato….

Ireland – Oatmeal Cake

So this week, we venture to Ireland, which has, or at least its border has, been rather the topic of debate throughout all this Brexit chat. There have been some occurrences in the ongoing struggle towards Brexit of late, and so I thought I’d spend a little time this week talking about what is occurring….

Hungary – Chimney Cake (Kürtőskalács)

To Hungary! Home of Houdini, and the creators of the biro and the Rubik’s cube, they joined the EU in 2004. It’s also the home of Kürtőskalács, or chimney cake, which dates from around 1450, with the first recipe recorded in 1784.  This is one of the more ambitious bakes of this project to date. I…

Germany – Bienenstich

To Germany! The largest EU economy, with a chancellor who had a Barbie made in her image. Perhaps better known for its beer and sausages, it also is home to lots of delicious cake. Enter, the bienenstich, or bee sting cake.

France – Macarons

It has been crazy hot this week. So what better thing to do in insanely hot weather than to make macarons for the first time ever. One of the good things about this whole project is that I’m actually challenging myself to make stuff that I would never have touched ever. Past me is like…

Finland – Kermakakku

This cake was such a joy to make. I love it when a cake is just simple, straightforward, you put all the ingredients in one bowl, whack it in the oven, and out comes something that tastes incredible. No messing about, no frills, just great cake. 

Finland – Mustikkapiirakka

We are 8 countries down, 20 to go, which brings us to Finland! Home of the Moomins, Nokia and baby boxes, it is one of the least corrupt countries in Europe, and has one of the most extensive welfare systems. 

Estonia – Rabarberikook

Sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. Sometimes you plan to make something and halfway through it goes a bit/a lot wrong and then rather than trying again you decide to just find something else to make. This is the story of what happened this week. 

Cyprus – Baklava

Week two of Cyprus. I was pretty intimidated by the idea of making this. Baklava was Cyprus’ choice of national dish in Cafe Europe, and it seemed only fair to try it for myself, especially as it was Europe Day last week.

Cyprus – Kalo Prama

Country 5/28, it’s Cyprus! Birthplace of Aphrodite, my favourite cheese, halloumi, and the oldest known pet cat, which was buried with its owner around 9,500 years ago.