Portugal – Biscoitos

What an exhausting mess Brexit is. This evening is what seems to be the millionth vote on “what should we do?”, the response to which will almost undoubtedly be “but why can’t we all agree?!” I’ve almost stopped caring what happens to be honest, and I’ve been pretty interested in this thing the whole way…

Portugal – Pasteis de Nata

Oh hi Portugal. Portugal is apparently the oldest nation state in Europe, having had the same fixed borders since 1139. It has the longest bridge in Europe, and produces a lot of cork. It’s also top of my places in the EU to visit list, and home of a multitude of delicious cakes. Including Pasteis de Nata….

Vanilla & Apple Cake

A couple of weeks ago a new branch of Norfolk St Bakery opened at the top of the street where my office is. I can only describe this place as having some of the best cake I’ve ever eaten, not to mention the insanely good bread.