Belgium – Appelflap

Second week of Belgium, and this time we’re going for pastries. Incidentally I found out that Belgian buns have no relation to Belgium (in case you’re wondering why they weren’t chosen),

Austria – Sachertorte

It’s week two of Austria, and this time I’ve made Sachertorte. Sachertorte has a surprisingly controversial history. It’s not every day you hear about a cake that had legal battles over it.

Austria – Gugelhupf

It’s week one, country one – Austria! This week’s selected cake is Gugelhupf, or Kugelhupf (also spelt with an ‘o’ instead of a ‘u’ if you fancy).

Brexit Baking – an introduction

In a little over the year, the UK will be leaving the EU (or at least that’s the plan currently). 29th March 2019 is so-called ‘Brexit Day’, the day where we are no longer tied to the EU and can make all of our own decisions as an independent country that is woefully unprepared for…