Portugal – Pasteis de Nata

Oh hi Portugal. Portugal is apparently the oldest nation state in Europe, having had the same fixed borders since 1139. It has the longest bridge in Europe, and produces a lot of cork. It’s also top of my places in the EU to visit list, and home of a multitude of delicious cakes. Including Pasteis de Nata….

Greece – Galatopita

This post is a little later than my usual, slightly irregularly scheduled content, because I spent last week making lots of non-Brexit based cake. It was my dad’s birthday, so I made my second ever batch of macarons (they tasted the same, i.e. good, but looked considerably more ugly). The day after it was Oscar’s…

France – Croissants

If someone had told me a year ago that I would make croissants, I wouldn’t have believed them. Especially if they told me that after trying to make them once, I would actually still want to attempt it again. But here we are, I like making croissants, they are less terrifying than I had ever…

Czech Republic – Koláče

This week we venture to the Czech Republic, where I have found myself relying a little too heavily on the questionable products of Google Translate. I thought the most accurate recipes would be in Czech, and so I found a couple of recipes, but the problems started when I turned them into English. So this week,…

Cyprus – Baklava

Week two of Cyprus. I was pretty intimidated by the idea of making this. Baklava was Cyprus’ choice of national dish in Cafe Europe, and it seemed only fair to try it for myself, especially as it was Europe Day last week.

Belgium – Appelflap

Second week of Belgium, and this time we’re going for pastries. Incidentally I found out that Belgian buns have no relation to Belgium (in case you’re wondering why they weren’t chosen),

Herman: complete

So I finished making my Herman cake. That was…almost a week ago now, but somehow, time has slipped away from me once again, between birthday and interviews and seeing people, a week has passed.    I never got around to taking a photo of Herman. There are still pieces of him left, but it’s just…