Denmark – Romkugler

Now, to Denmark! Home of Lego, Hans Christian Andersen and lots of delicious pastries. The world’s largest romkugler (rum truffle) was made in Denmark and weighed 31kg. The ones I made this week weigh significantly less than that, but hopefully taste as good.

Breakfast Biscuits

Whilst I’ve been doing all this Brexit Baking, I’ve also been working on some breakfast biscuits. I eat a lot of ‘breakfast biscuits’, the biscuits you buy that are sandwiched together with chocolate, and make you feel like you’re having dessert for breakfast (something I am thoroughly in support of). But they’re all individually wrapped,…

Czech Republic – Medovnik

Last week I boiled a can of condensed milk for a few hours and it helped me make this wonderful looking thing. Medovnik, or honey cake, is a traditional Czech cake, with variations across other European countries.

Belgium – Appelflap

Second week of Belgium, and this time we’re going for pastries. Incidentally I found out that Belgian buns have no relation to Belgium (in case you’re wondering why they weren’t chosen),

Brexit Baking – an introduction

In a little over the year, the UK will be leaving the EU (or at least that’s the plan currently). 29th March 2019 is so-called ‘Brexit Day’, the day where we are no longer tied to the EU and can make all of our own decisions as an independent country that is woefully unprepared for…

Vanilla & Apple Cake

A couple of weeks ago a new branch of Norfolk St Bakery¬†opened at the top of the street where my office is. I can only describe this place as having some of the best cake I’ve ever eaten, not to mention the insanely good bread.

Blackberry & Apple Loaf Cake

Autumn is here. I tend to forget how quickly summer can end, how the chill in the air appears overnight and the nights start to draw in. The weather is wetter this year, but the same change comes, the trees are turning shades of orange and gold, which spells time for a slightly heartier cake…

Upside-down blueberry and elderflower cake

It was a rainy evening. Somehow British summers always end up a little disappointing in this respect. A couple of weeks of blazing sunshine, followed by constant, unfailing miserable weather that makes it feel more like October than July (I say this like it’s a bad thing, but I’m already looking forward to autumn). I’d…

On Trying, part II

For the last few years I have made January a full-vegetarian month. This year is no different, and it’s usually about this time that I write something about it. Last year¬†I wrote about how much I hate labelling myself as something based on the food that I choose to eat. And now I feel that…

Banana & Toffee Cupcakes

The last month has been crazy, full on crazy. I went to Stockholm a couple of weeks ago, and it was glorious. I never get tired of visiting Scandinavia, it’s like this paradise where everything is just lovely and full of coffee and pastries, and they have museum exhibitions about brewing beer (yes!). It also…