Greece – Vasilopita

This week, we travel to the home of Zeus, classical architecture and birthplace of democracy – Greece! In the last few years Greece have had a good chat about leaving the euro. There seems to be all sorts of bad press about trying to get out of Europe-based situations, but they haven’t gone as far…

Germany – Bienenstich

To Germany! The largest EU economy, with a chancellor who had a Barbie made in her image. Perhaps better known for its beer and sausages, it also is home to lots of delicious cake. Enter, the bienenstich, or bee sting cake.

France – Macarons

It has been crazy hot this week. So what better thing to do in insanely hot weather than to make macarons for the first time ever. One of the good things about this whole project is that I’m actually challenging myself to make stuff that I would never have touched ever. Past me is like…

Bulgaria – Garash Cake

Week two of Bulgaria – garash cake! A typical cake served in cafes and restaurants in Bulgaria, that is surprisingly difficult to find any history about.

Bulgaria – Biscuit Cake

Bulgaria is one of the more recent EU member states, joining in 2007. This is also an interesting point in the project because it’s where I start to venture into a few countries-worth of unfamiliar territory.

Belgium – Appelflap

Second week of Belgium, and this time we’re going for pastries. Incidentally I found out that Belgian buns have no relation to Belgium (in case you’re wondering why they weren’t chosen),

Austria – Sachertorte

It’s week two of Austria, and this time I’ve made Sachertorte. Sachertorte has a surprisingly controversial history. It’s not every day you hear about a cake that had legal battles over it.

Brexit Baking – an introduction

In a little over the year, the UK will be leaving the EU (or at least that’s the plan currently). 29th March 2019 is so-called ‘Brexit Day’, the day where we are no longer tied to the EU and can make all of our own decisions as an independent country that is woefully unprepared for…

Vanilla & Apple Cake

A couple of weeks ago a new branch of Norfolk St Bakery¬†opened at the top of the street where my office is. I can only describe this place as having some of the best cake I’ve ever eaten, not to mention the insanely good bread.

Sugar Free Banana Bread

This is an unusual one for me. I am all about sugar. I mean, I eat a lot of vegetables too, but when it comes to cake, I am a purist – it’s got to be full of butter and sugar. That’s what cake is about, right? A few weeks ago one of my colleagues…