Spain – Tres Leches



I made this a while ago now, before I ran a half marathon (yay) and got really rather ill (boo), and it was heartwarming and delicious and the kind of cake that should be eaten in the summer, but always kept in the fridge because so much dairy. Tres leches means three milks – you’ve got your condensed milk, evaporated milk, and then cream. So it’s basically the most dairy-heavy, sugary thing you’ll ever eat, and the absence of any butter is completely made up for by all the milks.

It’s not easily transportable, so best to eat it all yourself at home (or share if necessary) – it does keep okay for a couple of days though, which I thought it wouldn’t, although was definitely best on the first day. Recipe is from here.

IMG_6481tI’m sort of behind with this whole writing part – on track with the baking though. But then, the government are quite behind too, and this week was a perfect example of what a total shit-show this whole thing has become. Still no certainty on what’s going to happen, but there’s a small chance we won’t be leaving on 29 March anymore. But after today, baking-wise, I’m on to the last country, the UK. And now I just need to write a few more posts, and this project will be almost done. But I’ll lament on that another time.


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