Slovakia – Sour Cherry Cakes

These little sour cherry cakes promised to be fairly straightforward (not going to lie that that’s why I chose them), however the dough was super sticky, and I had to ply it with loads of flour so that I could effectively fold the dough around the cherries. Even then, they were nowhere near as neat and perfect looking as the ones from the recipe. But they were still nice, although stoning cherries is a total bitch if you’re not adept at it, or don’t have one of those magic tiny scoop things. Not a spoon. I had a spoon, it was not as effective as I hoped.

Anyway, a short post, because Slovenia posts are coming in the next couple of days, and I’ve started avoiding the news on Brexit because there’s no good news and it doesn’t look set to change. IMG_6448t

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  1. ATypicalLife says:

    I have a week off this week and wanted to get some baking done so 100% have to try these! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you could check my recent post out too! X

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