Brexit Baking – an introduction


In a little over the year, the UK will be leaving the EU (or at least that’s the plan currently). 29th March 2019 is so-called ‘Brexit Day’, the day where we are no longer tied to the EU and can make all of our own decisions as an independent country that is woefully unprepared for the effects Brexit will have. I feel quite strongly about staying in the EU. I didn’t think we’d vote to leave, or that I’d ever get sad about David Cameron resigning as PM, or that I’d have to go on ‘enjoy it while you can’ trips to Europe, but this is the reality that we now live in. So I thought I would embark on a baking project.

The idea is that I will bake two desserts/cakes/puddings from each of the EU member states, as a way of expanding my cooking abilities and knowledge, therefore improving my skills, but also learning about different cuisines and writing a bit about what we’ll be missing out on if we leave the EU. It’s politics dressed up in baking, one of the better things to dress politics up in, particularly as it results in you being able to eat a lot of cake. I hasten to add that this won’t be a year long diatribe on why we should remain, masked behind some cake. It will be more of an exploration of a bunch of cake I’ve never come across before because I’ve never searched out Lithuanian cake recipes, with a small amount of discussion of the latest Brexit news. So don’t fear if you’re not into politics or the EU, you can stay for the cake.

For those of you not in the know, there are 28 EU member states, including the UK, and if you’re interested in what’s to come, there’s a list of who they are here. I will be approaching this in alphabetical order, because it seemed the most straightforward, and will conveniently end with the UK. The EU is responsible for protecting lots of important things like the environment, workers, consumers, data, food. The list goes on, and if you’re really interested, there’s a very long but interesting document here. I hope the UK figures out a way to keep protecting all of those things in the next year.

And yes, I did make biscuits resembling EU flags. It seemed the appropriate introduction. If you too want to make EU flag biscuits, all you need is shortbread biscuits (or whatever you fancy), blue and yellow ready to roll icing, a small star icing cutter and some jam. Oh, and a pin and maybe some water. It was a proper Blue Peter moment making these. Here is Oscar enjoying one:


So this is the start of a long farewell to my favourite of all the unions I’ve ever been a part of (yes EU > UK), although I hope it’s not a real goodbye, and from the looks of the negotiations, well, who the hell knows! But I’ll bake my way through it anyway, and when we come out the other side, at least I’ll have plenty of cake to either celebrate with or drown my sorrows in. If you’re fortunate enough to be from one of the countries that is remaining part of the EU and you have any recipe suggestions, please do fire away.

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  1. Eva O'Reilly says:

    When you get to Denmark you have to make lagkage – the traditional layer cake. Never have a birthday without it!

    1. lizzie says:

      Excellent! That sounds great, thank you!

  2. julie says:

    What a great idea to explore through cake! I’m looking forward to seeing all the goodies you come up with!

    1. lizzie says:

      Thank you! It’s going to be an adventure for sure!

  3. Annemarie Stolk says:

    Great idea!
    For The Netherlands these are very traditional baking goodies:
    Speculaas or (more challenging) gevuld speculaas

    1. lizzie says:

      Amazing! Thank you so much! I saw that Appelflappen are a Belgian pastry as well, do you know if that’s right? The research I’ve done shows there seems to be some crossover between Belgium and the Netherlands, but I don’t want to choose the wrong recipes, ha!

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