Spring Cleaning


I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning over the last week or so. When I was growing up, or maybe even until the last couple of years, I felt that having a lot of things was valuable. Lots of CDs and books and DVDs to cover walls with and bring colour and happiness into my life, and then lots of clothes, with more having to be bought with every season. I think my financial situation changed my outlook on clothing quite quickly, whereby as soon as I had to rent to pay, I realised I couldn’t afford to spend as much on clothes as I previously had. Plus when I moved sorting through everything was a real eye opener. Living in the same place for even a year or two, you can be amazed at how much you acquire, and how much of the stuff you moved with isn’t really worth keeping anymore.

When I moved to Norwich last year, I was moving into a smaller room (and house) with less space for all my stuff. I’m pretty sure I halved my book collection before moving. It’s always felt good to have an extensive book collection, but when you go through and realise the chances of you ever reading half of these books again is pretty small, you also realise it’s probably time to pass some of them on. I didn’t think I’d be reducing the number of books I own again whilst I was here, but spring has come around, and it’s preying on my mind more and more that I only have five months left living in this house, and then I will have to go through the upheaval of moving yet again. And so with this comes the knowledge that I should probably endeavour to have fewer things, and that in fact having fewer things makes life so much less stressful. Trying to desperately squeeze the last of my stuff into my dad’s car on moving day was stressful. Having so much stuff in my new room that I couldn’t move was stressful (some of it still resides in the shed because I couldn’t fit it all in the house).

So I’m beginning the process of reorganising and reducing now. This time around even CDs are being culled, which is something I avoided the last time around. All of my unwanted books, CDs and DVDs will go to charity, and I’m taking all my old clothes (most of which are unwearable) to H&M where they are recycling textiles. Hopefully once August rolls around I’ll be better prepared and less overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have to pack. There’s something really satisfying about getting rid of stuff, and knowing it will go to someone who will hopefully get as much enjoyment out of it as I have.

In line with all of this spring cleaning, I am getting most of my hair cut off tomorrow, which is also a relief. I’ve begun to really hate having long hair, and so with the change of season comes a change of hair. The next few months will bring much change – moving house (and city probably), finding a job, writing a dissertation, leaving education again (much to my disappointment). So I feel like spring cleaning is a good start, to prepare for all these things.

These past few months have been a blur of studying and writing and studying some more. Hopefully in the coming weeks, when everything winds down pre-dissertation, I will find more time to go back to other things, like baking. There has certainly been a lack of baking.

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