Lemon Toasts



I’ve had the French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook for about 2 years now. No, in case you’re wondering, I’ve never used it. But it had some interesting recipes, and I liked the concept, even though I was never going to actually follow the diet. To be honest, I admire anyone who is willing to spend a weekend only eating leek soup, and have one of their breakfast staples be “magic breakfast cream”, which sounds really suspect until you read the ingredients list (yogurt, lemon juice, cereal, walnuts, in case you’re wondering). One of the main things that stood out for me from the book was the brunch section, and particularly lemon toasts. They’re basically a slightly classier version of French toast, but super tasty and REALLY filling. The recipe says to use brioche, and when I went to buy it, I was faced with plain or chocolate chip. Both the same price. Obviously I got the chocolate chip (because as can be seen here, chocolate makes everything better).

Also, because this is the most basic and quickest thing I’ve baked so far this year, I thought I’d share some of the other things I’ve been baking this week, namely apple pie, and PIZZZAAAAA. When I went back to my parents’ house the other week, I was given some apples (some of the vast stock left over from this autumn). I finally got around to using them, and even when your apples are so soft that it’s initially really difficult to peel them, they still make good pie. I got the Observer Food Monthly last weekend, which contained bread recipes from Nigel Slater. So I made a massive batch of dough (1.6kg to be precise), and made one loaf, two pizzas, and some rolls. I was going to make maple and walnut buns, but I already have so much cake-related food in my house, that I just can’t take anymore. The pizza was particularly fantastic – sausage, goat’s cheese and mozzarella, really simple to make (once you’ve got bread dough), and can be seen here. If you feel like making some bread, and focaccia and pizza and buns, then you can find Nigel Slater’s recipes here (as soon as you see the photos, you’re going to want to, believe me).

Lemon Toasts (from ‘The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook’ by Mireille Guiliano)

(serves 4 – I underestimated this, but it’s definitely true. I still have some left to use for breakfast another day)

1 egg white

6 tbsp sugar

90g ground almonds

juice and zest of 1 lemon

1/2 tsp orange zest (or, if you’re me, 1 tsp of orange juice)

4 slices of brioche (or 2 little brioche rolls per person)

1. Preheat the oven to 190C/Gas 5

2. In a bowl, whisk together the egg white and sugar until creamy. Add the ground almonds, lemon juice and zest, orange zest, and mix until smooth.

3. Place the brioche slices on a greaseproof-lined baking sheet and cover the top of each with an even layer of the lemon-almond mixture. Place in the oven and bake until lightly golden, 8-10 mins. Serve warm.

Next week: a Mother’s Day surprise!

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  1. cheergerm says:

    Ha, my husband gave me the French Women don’t get Fat book years ago, (along with a hat and a scarf) needless to say it was a lowlight of his gift giving. Love the sound of this recipe, despite all that! 🙂

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