Black and White Cookies

Continuing on the theme of cookies…


In November 2008 my sister and I visited America for the first time. It was an eventful trip – we visited 3 cities in 13 days, and during the time we spent in Chicago we watched the election results roll in, and saw Barack Obama’s victory speech as we stood in Grant Park.

We spent a lot of time in various Starbucks’ on our trip (we weren’t particularly adventurous when it came for searching out new places). One Starbucks visit I remember particularly, because we were travelling back to our hostel late at night after the election. We stopped to get a snack because we hadn’t eaten in hours, so I picked up some NY black and white cookies. And they were awesome. I then ate them at every opportunity I found them for the rest of our stay. When I got back, I meant to find a recipe to try and recreate, but either I forgot or I put it off thinking they’d be too fiddly to ice. And five years passed…but they’ve been in the back of my head all this time. Until now!

To say these cookies were a hit would be an understatement. For three or four days in a row I brought them to work to give to Rachel, and each day I brought them I was met with more excitement. And to be fair, well justified – they are fantastic. The batch I did made 27, which were about 4 inches in diameter. I could have easily made more, smaller ones – although I may have lost my mind trying to ice them all. I think icing black and white cookies is more of a leisurely afternoon pursuit than a rushed evening thing – I felt relieved when I’d done all the white icing, only to then realise that I still had to add chocolate to the rest of the icing, and then ice them all over again. But in the end, they were worth it. Beautifully light and cakey, they were just as I remembered them (albeit more ‘homemade’ looking – my icing skills aren’t great at best, but even worse when I’m trying to rush through 27 cookies).

Whilst I did want to take a short departure from writing about Smitten Kitchen recipes, this was the only place to go for a recipe of such importance. So you can find it here (hers look way more pretty than mine do anyway). But in the next couple of days there will be autumn fruit related recipes coming up here. In fact earlier today I found out that I could download the new Fall Baking magazine online, so I’ll be looking through that and coming up with some stuff.

Finally, pumpkin puree. Didn’t realise it was incredibly difficult to get over here, but it is. So I’ve decided to make my own instead of paying £5+ including postage to get one 15oz tin. Maybe we just don’t love pumpkin enough in the UK. Which is a huge shame.

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