Meeting Deb!

Okay, so a number of things have happened since I became incredibly lazy and stopped posting on here for over a month:

1. It got cold enough that I can now eat porridge for breakfast.

2. I baked another upside-down blackberry cake, oatmeal cookies, and courgette crisps and probably other things that I forgot about.

3. I went to see Jonathan Coe talk about his new book, Expo ’58!

4. I took a trip to Exmoor and walked up hills and saw my lovely friends.


I so almost didn’t go. I’ve had the world’s busiest week, and I’m absolutely exhausted – but ultimately I decided that going up to Ely to see Deb from Smitten Kitchen talk about her book was worth another night of not enough sleep. And as it turned out it was totally worth it because I found out that she can’t talk and peel apples at the same time, I ate some apple cake that she baked for the event (this cake in fact), and I spoke to her and LOOK! :

2013-09-23 21.26.22t

YES! I also dragged my boyfriend along with me, and found out that he hasn’t baked a cake since he was about 7 and that, shockingly, he doesn’t care about the different sorts of flour you get in the UK and the US (everyone else wanted clarification on what ‘cake flour’ is, and why it doesn’t exist here).

She signed my Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, which was very exciting, and also wrote a little birthday message for my friend Allen:

2013-09-27 09.19.18

In post-Deb excitement I made Brownie Cookies from said cookbook, (the recipe for which can also be found here). I was seriously expecting them to be dry as anything. Something about a brownie in cookie form just didn’t sound right to me. And then I made the dough. And it was so soft, oh so soft. Even after over an hour in the fridge I was still concerned about rolling it out. But no, it was fine (with copious amounts of flour covering the counter), and they were delicious. Soft and chocolatey like a brownie, but in cookie form. I’d like to make them again and add chocolate chips or finely chopped walnuts and see how they fare.


Look at them, they’re just lovely.

Finally, in this week’s section of good news: it’s autumn again you guys. I cannot emphasise enough how happy I am, because there are plums and greengages on Cambridge market, and I feel like it is okay for me to eat fruit crumble all the time. YES.

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