Breakfast Recipes and Brownies

A while ago over here, I wrote about how I’ve cultivated a love of breakfast over the past couple of years. Yesterday I went out and bought the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (yes here I am shouting about SK again), and much to my delight it has an absolutely fantastic breakfast section. Without wasting any time I have already dived in and made Wholemeal Raspberry Ricotta Scones. Because who says you can’t have scones for breakfast?

The other day Oli very kindly bought me some fruit scones, but he was surprised that I hadn’t eaten them before I had access to jam, butter and cream. To be honest, I find scones dry, and as far as I’m concerned the reason they are dry is because you are meant to eat them with jam etc. But the beauty of these is that they already have fruit and cream in them which makes them amazingly delicious and best of all, not dry.


I bought raspberries fresh from the market, which gave off the most glorious smell before, during and after cooking – there’s nothing quite like fruit when it’s at it’s best, and this is raspberry season, which makes this recipe perfect for August.

You can find the recipe for these wonderful scones here.

My breakfasts for the next few days are going to be filled with these delicious scones, (and maybe my lunches and dinners too!) and then I will head onto the other delights the book has to offer – chocolate chip brioche pretzels, maple syrup and bacon scones, and peach and soured cream pancakes. So much goodness to be had.

In other news, I decided to make some brownies the other day. My experience of brownies is thus: once you find a brownie recipe you love, stick to it. I have used the same recipe for about the last five years, and it has never failed me because they are always chocolatey and gooey and amazing, which is my kind of brownie. But the other experience I have is that Peyton and Byrne’s ‘British Baking’ book will never fail me, so I was like “hey, why not, let’s try a different brownie recipe”. No. Never again. It’s not that this recipe is bad, in the sense that if you like brownies that are solid and a bit boring then it will give you what you want. But these were definitely not the brownies I had envisioned, and now I can say with conviction, never stray from a good brownie recipe, it will only lead to disappointment.

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