Welcoming back The Royal Moose

So, after an absence of several months from this blog, I have returned to share the following news:

1. My dreams of opening a cake shop have been indefinitely put on hold whilst I follow up other areas of opportunity. However I have not stopped baking…

2. The Royal Moose is reborn! The silver lining of the sadness that has been caused by my dear friend Jordi returning to Canada once more, is that we are starting our baking blog back up. Please follow us there! I will try and post my posts on here as well, but I will undoubtedly forget, and if you go to The Royal Moose then you get Jordi as well, who is, quite frankly, excellent in all ways.

3. Due to my ever-expanding areas of interest, I have decided to no longer limit myself to writing about food and baking, but will in fact be making a more regular effort to write about lots of things, including music and books and my long-held but frequently ignored desire to learn how to sew, as well as the monthly videos I have started making. YEAH. Also there will be lots about how much I love the sunshine. Because I do. You can see some of that here.

One blog is never enough. Maybe I will finally be satisfied with having three and trying to remember to post on all of them. You can hope…

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