Herman: complete


So I finished making my Herman cake. That was…almost a week ago now, but somehow, time has slipped away from me once again, between birthday and interviews and seeing people, a week has passed. 


I never got around to taking a photo of Herman. There are still pieces of him left, but it’s just not the same now that he isn’t whole anymore. He did taste incredibly good though. The recipe asked for more cinnamon than I am personally comfortable with (I don’t especially like cinnamon except when in small amounts so it’s not the overpowering taste. However this does not stop me wanting to try that stupid challenge where you eat a teaspoon of cinnamon and have to try not to throw up), so I put less in, but due to whatever, there were still bits of it that tasted very heavily of cinnamon. I worked around it, it was still awesome. So I wouldn’t mind if another Herman worked it’s way back around to me at some point in the future (Laura this is not an invitation for you to return one of your parts to me). 


Herman was the only cake that I baked this week, but I received other cake, and plenty of baking-related items for my birthday – cake tins, cupcake cases, icing pens, etc (as well as lots of other lovely things). The first cake I received was made by Laura and Julian, chocolate and banana flavoured, which was lovingly decorated with an owl (made of banana and chocolate buttons) by Laura. I don’t know what it says about me that the majority of things I received were either owl, cat or cake related. Image

I also received vanilla berry cake with lemon icing from my sister today, which was equally awesome.


Something I received from my Scandinavia-loving friend Ffi today, was a Scandinavian baking cookbook – including lots of exciting bread recipes, like chocolate soda bread, and Kefir spelt sourdough – and cake and pastry recipes, such as Swedish princess cake, “success tart” and Danish sesame and poppy twists. All look incredibly good.


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