Meet Herman

So it’s been a busy week. Yesterday I went down to London to visit some friends and visited the recently opened Cannon & Cannon shop on Market Row in Brixton which my wonderful friend Jordi manages. The Cannons (Joe and Sean), as well as Jordi and her colleagues are all incredibly enthusiastic about the produce they sell – a selection of excellent cheeses and British charcuterie, which you can either buy from their deli downstairs, or take a trip upstairs and either create your own platter from a selection of cheeses, meats and sides, or choose from their menu. My sister and I were recommended a handful of things, and ended up with a whole Suffolk chorizo with sourdough bread, asparagus with Wissington, flaked almonds and walnut and raisin sourdough bread, and artichoke hearts with Blue Vinny and more walnut and raisin sourdough bread. The bread is baked in East Dulwich, and the beer (Kernel Ale) I had with my mountain of food was brewed in Bermondsey – keeping it local. Everything is beautifully presented, and has clearly been a labour of love for these guys, right down to the tiny espresso cups that hold salt and pepper on each table. Image

So that was my foray into the world of non-baking this week. Today I have been buying cake stands for long term use, but also to hold cakes I’m making for a reading that is taking place at the shop I manage. I guess this is the right year to choose to have your new business’ colours as red, white and blue, because there are an abundance of items available in those colours – including my lovely cake stands. Not much baking has gone on this week though – after Jade’s cake I made an apricot and almond shortcake which was swiftly eaten before I got a chance to take pictures of it. Image

The most exciting development though, is that this afternoon I received a new friend. His name is Herman, and for the next 10 days he is mine to take care of. Given to me by my friend Catherine, Herman is a sourdough friendship cake who needs stirring every day, and over the course of 10 days you add more ingredients (he is hungry!) and on the 9th day you split him into 3 portions and give two to friends. The third portion you keep for yourself and add many more ingredients, and bake Herman until he becomes a delicious cake for you to eat. I will be documenting Herman’s progress over the next 10 days, at the moment he looks like this:


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  1. Veronica says:

    Herman bread! You are the first one besides my hubby that I’ve heard call it that b/c I’ve always known it as “Amish Friendship Bread.” I still have three starters in the freezer–I take one out every several months to make a batch but I don’t do the whole feeding and passing on b/c I don’t want to get any more for a long time. You’ll see. Once it circulates among your friends, you’ll never be able to get away from it! lol have fun with it! There are tons of recipes online for variations–there’s endless possibilities!

    1. lizzie says:

      Yeah, I’d never even heard of it before last week when my friend told me she wanted to give me a Herman friendship cake, and I had to look up what it actually was! It’s quite exciting. Hopefully it won’t keep coming back to me too much though…

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