A Beginning

Okay. So here it goes.

The whole purpose of this blog is to document my slow but steady progression towards opening a cake shop. Whilst perhaps containing other ramblings and pictures of kittens (see below) on certain occasions, I will, first and foremost be writing about cake, my love of cake, my baking of cake, and my making people happy (hopefully) by giving them cake. If you would like to be a person who is given cake, click here and then make a request. Undoubtedly there will be plenty of disasters and embarrassments to write about along with all the happiness and good intentions for added humorous content.

Also, for earlier and continuing cake-related writings, I contribute to a baking blog with my Canadian friend Jordi, which you can find here.

Project Cake Shop will commence from the beginning of next week. So for now, here is a picture of a kitten with some cake.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    Hurrah for the commencement of the cakey quest! I’m so excited – and I have faith in you Lizziebean, if anyone can do it, you can.

    (Does that qualify me for some cake? 😀 )

    1. Laura says:

      Also, kitten with cake is UBER CUTE.

  2. Learner Londoner says:

    Hahahaha, LOVE IT! Thanks for following 🙂 x

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